“You went to a wedding? How were the cookies?” Above is an interaction common in Pittsburgh when talking about recently attended weddings. Pittsburgh has a beautiful wedding tradition unique to the area – the cookie table! Cookie tables are assortments of dozens of homemade cookies spread out across a table (or several tables!) at weddings. […]

Dabbling in Details It’s no secret I love detail shots. I highly encourage my couples to schedule 30-45 minutes in their photography timeline for me to capture some images of just their detail items. I think details are so important that, for each wedding I shoot, I bring a styling kit with me full of […]

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On your day, your love is the most important thing. It is not the size, the look, or even the activities. The most important thing is celebrating the special connection you and your partner share. Times are changing, and traditions are taking on new forms. Couples everywhere are looking to celebrate their love in more […]